If your goal is to increase sales, cut costs or penetrate new health food markets, independent sales representatives is better than a brokerage service but we offert both, we can help.

How to Work With Independent Sales Reps

You want to bring your products to market as quickly as possible, but you are on a tight budget. You don't want to spend the time or the money on putting together a sales team, so what are your options? One consideration is working with independent sales representatives who sell products or services to customers directly for the company or companies he or she works for. Unlike this idea because you already used a distributor, we can also act as a broker, our job will be to ensure your products will be well establish.

Why Most Distributors Fail and why used Viesun Brokerage services

Most distributors fail because they don’t work the Network Marketing side enough. There is usually an absence of structure or a master plan and most of them lack self-discipline. They also have too much products. Ask to your distributors where you are in their catalogue, ask question about their organisation, in most case their sales reps does have ennought experience to represent your products, be sure to take the time to train your distributor how to work the business. As well most companies prefered to employed a broker

Now you know about Independent Sales Reps and Broker, why using Viesun Inc services

With a sincere passion for this industries and over 15 years of sales expérience we have devlopped several tools and opportunities to represent some of the premier manufacturers in the industry. An award winning account representative, Laurent and his team supports his clientele with development of strategies, Personalized sales suppport, marketing tools suited to the Quebec market, Training on product differentiation and securing "eye level" merchandising. Read more.... As seen on the CNHR magazine

Also With entrepreneurial drive and creative ideas we have devlopped a portal dedicated to the promotion of bodily, spiritual and environmental well-being. It provides a vital resource for people who are looking for reliable information about traditional and alternative medicine and all aspects of health and living.

The InfoNaturel archive contains a wealth of in-depth articles from many of the most respected authorities in the field of natural healing including insights on diet, childcare, personal wellbeing, women's health, naturopathy and much more. currently features contributions from more than thirty authors and practitioners and is updated and expanded on a continuous basis. On the back stage of InfoNaturel, we have devlopped an electronic section allows retailers and customers to transmit orders to your order desk very quickly. It also provides technical informations about your products, voice training and more.

Please find some print shot of the retailers section:

- On the left side your company name, on click member will go in your dedicated section.

- On the menu bar, member can place an order, the order will be transmitt in your order desk very quickly.

- Member will have access to infosheet, and aslo be able to download on Pdf format.

- Member will have access to download staff training, products shot pictures and other great tool.

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