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Thank you for taking the time to contact Viesun Inc. We provide product representation services for the Province of Quebec. In order to better understand your needs, we would appreciate if you could answer the following questions as precisely as possible.

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1How would you compare
your products to the competition?

2 Have you already advertised
your products in Quebec?

If so, how? (Please Specify)

3 Would you be willing to advertise in one of the following mediums?

4How long has your company been established?

5Do your products have bilingual labelling (French/English)?

6Do you have a budget for retail co-op advertising?

7What is your return policy?

8Can expired products be returned?

9What is the average shelf life of your products?

10What is the minimum order for free shipping to retailers?

11Do you have a discount program (for example: 12 units – 10%, 36 units – 15%, etc.)?

12Do you offer samples to your retail clients?

13Do you provide training by telephone?

14Do you have a budget for demonstrations?

15Do you currently have a broker?

16Do you currently have a distributor?

17Would you be willing to offer us a percentage of sales from your current broker or distributer?

18Would you be willing to send us samples of your products?

19What are your annual direct sales in Quebec for the last complete year?

20What are your annual sales through your broker/distributor in Quebec for the last complete year?

In order to answer the following question, make sure you understand the difference between a broker and a distributor. The broker represents your products and could be considered your sales representative. You ship directly to your clients. The distributor buys your products and resells them.

21Does your company ship products direct to Quebec retailers?

22Are you looking for a broker or a distributor?

23How did you hear about us?

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