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Gandalf Spirulina




Spirulina Tablets

Size 60 and 120 tabs 1000mg/tabs

Spirulina V-Caps

150 V-Caps / 400mg

Spirulina Powder

150mg & 300mg fine pur powder


Did you know, Spirulina cannot fit in micro ''0'' CAPS, it's for that reason Gandalf done a 400mg pure spirulina


Why choose Gandalf Hawienne Spirulina™

Spirulina Gandalf™, a valuable food with exceptional features.

-Fresh packaging.
-Resistant packaging to oxygen and light.
-Optimum protection including Ziplock type clasp.
-Pure Spirulina
-Dried in an environment without oxygen, less than 1%
-Suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, satisfaction guaranteed.


Pure cultured Gandalf Spirulina™ thrives in the brilliant Hawaiian Sun



Consult this great book: La Spiruline by Renée Frappier

Livre Spiruline Renée Frappier

A valuable food for health.
Spirulina - Spirulina is a small blue-green algae properties beneficial to health. It is becoming more prevalent and popular in the market for natural foods. The book is designed in the form of questions and answers to shed light on the subject in a concise and complete.

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ISBN: 2-9801115-2-X

Consult your health practitioner before taking supplements.

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Gandalf Spirulina


From the Hawaiian Islands comes this ancient type of food just being discovered by North Americans: Spirulina Pacifica also know as Gandalf Spirulina™

Hawaii is an archipelago of récent volcanic islands lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean more than 3000 km from San Francisco.

Spirulina Pacificis grown along a désert coast of the largest Island, also called Hawaii. Sparsely populated, this so-called «Big Island» is located some 300 km from the most popular one, where Honolulu is found.

This unique variety of microscopic algae is particulary résistant to solar rays. Classified as «Pacifica™», it is grown exclusively in Hawaii.

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is a precious nutrient with exceptional qualities :

-A variety exclusive to Hawaii ;

-A protected farming site respectful of existing ecosystems ;

-Farming water naturally rich minerals and free of contaminating agents (such as organisms, heavy metals, herbicides, presticides) ;

-Freshness guaranteed by year-round harvesting thanks to idéal climate conditions ;

-A unique exclusive patented drying procès preserving ultrasensitive nutrients such as beta-carotene ;

-Special care is giving to the processing of the product.


Gandalf Spirulina from Hawaii, a natural combonation of 10 essential nutrients for good health.


Vitamin A

-Aids normal bone and tooth development.

-Aids in the development and the maintenance of night vision.

-Aids in maintaining the health of the skin and membranes.


Thiamine (vitamin B1)

-Releases energy from carbohydrates.

-Aids normal growth


Riboflavin (vitamin B2)

-Factor in energy from metabolism and tissue formation.

-Release energy to body cells during metabolism.



-Aids normal growth and development.

-Factor in energy metabolism and tissue formation


Vitamin B12

-Aids in red blood cell formation.



-Aids in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth.



-Factors in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth.



-Factor in energy metabolism tissue formation bone development.



-Factor in red blood cell

-Factor in energy metabolism and tissue formation



-Helps build and repair tissues.

-Helps build antibodies.


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