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InfoNaturel Mission

To offer a reliable, user-friendly portal that delivers practical information on naturopathy and all aspects of alternative and traditional medicine. InfoNaturel.ca also provides you with privileged access to a comprehensive range of resources in the natural products industry, together with valuable information on natural health including organic food, care for children and adults, women's health and more.

InfoNaturel Vision

To provide a vital complementary link between the various portals that currently offer natural health products, as well as recommendations and advice from health professionals and naturopaths.

Published by Viesun Inc., Portrait Infonaturel.ca is a portal dedicated to naturopathic approaches; InfoNaturel.ca focuses on solutions for living a natural balanced life.InfoNaturel.ca, its partners and sponsors meet the standards established by the Canadian government.

InfoNaturel.ca pays an annual donation to a charitable organization to fund research and development. InfoNaturel is proud to support Kiva International InfoNaturel.ca supports Kiva Intl, a non-profit microfinance organisation whose mission is to alleviate world poverty through brokering entrepreneurial loans to people without access to conventional credit. Kiva has so far facilitated over $100 million in loans.

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